Exterior Home Design Basics

More Than Likely you will be working towards achieving a nice Curb Appeal right? So one thing to keep in mind should be color, most homes have grass or trees around them so Green will be a color you are going to want to keep balanced. By balanced we mean that if the surrounding area of your home is green due to bushes, grass, or trees then you may want to stray away from painting the exterior Green unless you want to hide the home from the public...Then, by all means, go for Green. But if you are looking to make the house stand out and attract eyes then go for a contrasting color! Now, this can be tricky depending on a few variables your home has. Factors may include siding or brick? the color of siding or color of brick? also the color of roof and color of the driveway and even finer details such as the color of doors and shutters. A good place to start will be by determining the style of architecture the home has. Once you are aware of the style then you can look into what colors you can change such as paint, one example of something you can't change so easily would be the color of the roof, in most cases you are not going to replace all the shingles just for a different color, so you may want to skip that option. Then ask yourself do you want a darker home or a lighter home? and combine colors accordingly. Now once you have chosen a few color combos for the doors, shutters, siding or brick then you can move on over to the garden and start detecting the types of flowers or trees that compliment the aesthetic of the home and consider adding a fountain. If you are having trouble selecting the right flowers or plants to complement the home then consider hiring a professional landscape architect to help you in that process. For homes that are surrounded by wood fences or brick walls then you can also add that layer to the color contrasting list. Common reasons for re-designing the aesthetic exterior of the home can range from the recent purchase of the home and are wanting to make it feel more personal. Maybe you are getting ready to sell the home and want to refresh the exterior to help draw in more buyers. Maybe the house was damaged by a storm and decided maybe its time to use this as an opportunity to give it new life! whatever the reason refreshing the home should be an exciting project for you and. your family!      

Interior Design Basics

The first thing to understand is that an interior decorator and designer hold two different roles. One only manages the appearance on a surface level such as the carpet and wall paint where the other is capable of tearing down walls and floors in order to best match the vision of a client. Both have a need and serve an important role in making our homes feel like a place we want to be in, the difference is how much of a change the client is looking for! Simple Decor can do a lot to a space such as adding a new vase or artwork! But sometimes what you really need is a nice crown molding on the wall to set the kitchen apart from the living room now that your new stove is located on the kitchen island. Decorators and designers both start at the same point and that is style, what is the style that you are looking to convey in your living space? There are so many different styles to choose from whether it be traditional or contemporary islander or even Gothic. Once you have decided on what look you want in your home, you can now begin the process of using your budget to purchase all the elements required. Typically a big thing to consider will be the walls. What color or pattern are you going to favor or even wallpaper! Do you want a warmer feel when you enter the room or a more vibrant feeling? Choosing darker color combinations can really bring the room closer and give you a more cozy feeling (works great for colder areas in the world) whereas an aqua blue may give you a feeling of freedom and airiness (great for beachfront homes). Now once you have chosen your style and color the next part will be deciding on contrasting colors and figuring out the best way to balance out the room with said colors. Ways to do this can be done by incorporating these contrasting colors with furniture, decorative pieces, paintings, and rugs. If you choose to go with patterns instead of solid colors than this will be a more challenging job best left for the designer to pull off in order to create a seem less approach. If done wrong mixing the wrong size patterns will only create "busy-ness" in the space and not be pleasant to the eyes. Arguably one of the more exciting portions of the project is always selecting furnishings and appliances. This is where a lot of the budget will go as long as you are not tearing out the flooring and walls. knowing where to select aesthetic furniture without blowing your budget out of the water will be best known by your designer or decorator. The Key is to find a balance between quality, comfort and aesthetic. Various decorators and designers all over the country will often have a few carpenters on call for whenever they want to have something custom made for their projects. The Most import part of the Project will be making sure that you are in love with your new space! Good places to find quality interior designers is ASID and also your Home Design magazines you have laying around the coffee table! For exterior help read here.