Residential Interior Design vs Commercial Interior designs

So you may be wondering what is the difference between residential and commercial living spaces right? Well, more than you think although both interiors are designed for people to inhabit ultimately. the main differences come in the form of structural materials and safety, for example, commercial buildings use metal frames in the walls rather than wood (what

Learn The Best Interior Design Ideas

Redoing the inside of your home should not be a major challenge. However, some people treat it like it is the end of the world. This is when you should have some ideas on how to really spruce up your home quickly, but also know the home can be completely changed easily as well. What

How To Become An Interior Designer: 5 Critical Steps

If you would like to become an Interior Designer, you will be required to have certain attributes, techniques, and skills to make your mark in the field and stand out from the crowd. The role of a Designer involves making spaces more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Here Are the Steps Involved in Becoming an Interior Designer 1.

Interior Design Basics

The first thing to understand is that an interior decorator and designer hold two different roles. One only manages the appearance on a surface level such as the carpet and wall paint where the other is capable of tearing down walls and floors in order to best match the vision of a client. Both have